To help you better understand why I founded the Birds Be Free Foundation, I’d like to share with you my story. As a child growing up in Indiana living in fifteen different homes from in a fifteen year span, I witnessed first-hand how the disease of alcoholism affects the family and how it impacts the entire community. My mother suffered from the disease of alcoholism and with her disease came; abandonment issues, neglect, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and no mother to parent her daughters. When we would go to school there was no discussion of what our home life was like.  We were never allowed to talk about it, it was a secret.  Our mother promised us she would stop drinking.  It never happened.


I have been faced with addiction my entire life, from a former husband to our adult child. I became aware that I could not fix this on my own, and that it would take an entire community to bring about change. That is how my journey began. During my missionary work in Haiti, I realized I don’t have to go overseas to bring about change, but that I needed to look into my own community to see the earthquake that has taken place in my own backyard.


I started a bible study inside Boone county jail in Lebanon, Indiana.  As a salon owner, I had the idea that Make Overs would motivate the women inside.  I offered free Make Overs and the phone calls started flooding in.  I began to see these women were being set free by giving them confidence and empowering them, I was giving them the ability to fly and become the women that they had always dreamed of being. My goal then became our mission, to help come along side people who want to actively change their lives. To date we have helped empower over 30 individuals through makeovers and through support. This is how the Birds Be Free Foundation initiative got started, and we are less than four years old.